About Us

My husband Bo and I know this fight all too well as our beloved daughter, Brett Boyer, battled heart disease for her 7 inspiring and incredible months of LIFE. The battle was not just ours, we were surrounded by absolute warriors that came in the form of surgeons, cardiologist, intensivist, nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapist, ecmo specialist, social workers, transplant teams, Xray techs, sonographers, phlebotomist, nephrologist, and the list truly goes on and on. These amazing people have found their calling. They are changing the world, and are capable of revolutionizing the world of cardiac surgery. Our goal is to support that mission to our maximum ability.

Our local Down Syndrome Association banded around us and made us feel like family. Take one look at this group and you will quickly see why we call ourselves "The Lucky Few." Most parents will tell you that when they receive a Down syndrome diagnosis they are scared and unsure of their child's future.. but once they meet and hold their child, we realize what an incredible gift these kids are and all of the JOY they bring to their family. An irreplaceable piece of their puzzle. I couldn't agree more. I've never felt more chosen and honored for God to trust me with Brett. I wouldn't change Brett for the world, but I do want to change the world for her and all of her friends with DS. The Down syndrome association offers support to new parents at time of diagnosis and birth all the way through adulthood and independent living. They are advocates for inclusion and education for the very capable people who have DS. 

The support that we received while going through this battle will never be forgotten and we just hope to be able to support those missions as well, all while being bright for Brett.