Last year during the month of October, Down syndrome awareness month, we encouraged everyone to get out and bike! How many miles did you track in the month of October? 21? How about 321?? People with Down syndrome have three copies of the 21 chromosome. Relax people, it's only an extra chromosome! Our goal is to raise awareness and support the abilities of our friends who are rocking that extra chromosome. We logged miles the month of October and on October 28, 2017  we cycled in neon to be #brightforBrett as we #bikeforBrett at Cycle Bar in Franklin, Tennessee. All proceeds raised during our bike for Brett campaign went to support the Nashville area GiGi's playhouse, a Down syndrome achievement center. We encourage you to get out, bike with your family, bike with your friends, bike however you like!


If you feel inclined to support GiGi's playhouse, please click to donate! You can also see more on Brett, who brightened the world for all who knew her here!

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Please tag us with #bikeforBrett #brightforBrett so we can see you shining bright and raising awareness for Down syndrome.

Other suggested hashtags: #1in100 #nothingdownaboutit #rockinthatextrachromosome #heartsofsteel #sweatlife #lululemon

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